Ear Infections & Eardrum Perforations

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At Greenwich Ear, Nose and Throat our physicians are dedicated to providing you and your family with the leading ear, nose and throat care. When it comes to ear infections and eardrum perforations we understand how painful these can become and want to help alleviate the pain.
Ear Infections
Ear infections can affect anyone from young to old. They are especially prevalent in babies and young children due to developing immune systems and smaller, more level Eustachian tubes. There are three common types of ear infections that can develop: otitis media (OM), otitis media with effusion (OME) and acute otitis media (AOM).

Otitis Media (OM): This is the most common type of ear infection that usually occurs in infants and children. This type of infection causes the middle ear to become inflamed resulting in the pain and redness around the eardrum.

Otitis Media with Effusion (OME): This type of ear infection produces fluid buildup in the middle ear and swelling in the inner ear due to fluid coming from the Eustachian tubes becoming clogged. This can be caused from a cold, upper respiratory infection (URI), sore throat, Eustachian tube malformation or adenoids inflammation.

Acute Otitis Media (AOM): Infection and inflammation of the middle ear. This happens most commonly in infants and children due to the Eustachian tube being shorter in children than in adults. This can be very painful producing redness, swelling, blood, pus, middle ear fluid, eardrum perforation and/or air bubbles in the ear.

Eardrum Perforations
Also known as a ruptured eardrum, eardrum perforations are caused by a hole or tear in your eardrum. Depending on the severity of the rupture will necessary treatment may be needed. Eardrum perforation can be temporary depending on the cause. If you are exposed to a sudden loud noise or experience pressure changes from being on a plane, these can cause your eardrum to rupture. It is rare to develop permanent hearing loss from this.
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