Ear Surgery, Laser Surgery & Pituitary Surgery

Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeries for Westchester, NY, Greenwich, CT & Surrounding Areas

When working with ear, nose, and throat patients from Stamford, CT and Greenwich, CT to Westchester, NY and surrounding areas, our team has the necessary experience and training in providing surgeries for these matters. Our team provides ear surgeries, pituitary surgeries and laser surgeries for the ear, nose, and throat.
Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery Greenwich, CT

Ear Surgery

When patients come to our ear, nose and throat office they are looking for relieve from hearing loss and hearing impairment. Our team administers ear surgeries from tympanoplasty (eardrum repair), ear tube placement, stapedectomy, mastoid surgery and hearing bone replacement.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery has become more and more common for ear, nose and throat patients. By using laser therapy to treat ear, nose, and throat diseases we provide a minimally invasive highly precise surgery for our patients. Laser surgery is not used for all ear, nose, and throat conditions so consult with our doctor for what conditions are treated with laser surgery.

Laser Surgery Westchester, NY

Pituitary Surgery Stamford, CT

Pituitary Surgery

Our ear, nose, throat also treats conditions associated with the Pituitary gland. From pituitary tumors, Craniopharyngioma to Rathkes Cyst our surgeon can perform pituitary surgeries. For more information on the types of pituitary surgeries we perform contact our office.
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